Pamela Ann Sun

Author of ‘Big Dreams’ and now ‘How to Survive Cancer and Live a Good Life’.

Australian Ficton Writer - Pamela Ann Sun - Big Dreams
 Australian Fiction Writer - Pamela Ann Sun

Pamela Ann Sun

Author ‘How to Survive Cancer and Live a Good Life’

There are many books written on the subject but when Pamela Ann Sun went on this unexpected journey, balancing the shock and the horror of repeated hospital visits, an operation and weeks of radiotherapy, she realized she needed to nurture herself in mind, body and spirit to survive.
Pamela devoted twenty-two years of her life healing others as an accredited Remedial massage therapist. She also went on to study many other healing modalities such as; Reiki, Reflexology, shiatsu, meditation and Bach flower remedies. She incorporated the best of these into the healing of others and was rewarded with wonderful healing success with all her patients. When it was time for Pamela to heal her-self she did everything she knew how that was within her capabilities each day, to become well again.
Pamela went from breast cancer to remission in seven months, slowly regaining her strength, energy and balance in ways that are beautifully detailed in this inspirational book.

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Australian Fiction Writer - Pamela Ann Sun, Big Dreams

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Big Dreams - Pamela Ann Sun

Big Dreams’ is inspired by true events. Set in England in the summer of 65 to the summer of 66, it illustrates how much can change in a year!

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Pamela Ann Sun on Studio 10

Talking about my novel, ‘Big Dreams’ on Studio 10! Inspired by true events in the 60’s!

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Wonderful book! An incredible story of life-being young and fancy free during the 1960’s; laughter, friendship, pent up feelings, love, romance, betrayal and sadness. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of deep emotions. Memorable characters with personal stories worth exploring. Couldn’t put it down.


Julie Postance

Author of Beaking the Sound Barrier

‘I got the book last week and I was so hooked on it I read it in a few days! Normally it takes me weeks to read a book but it was so interesting I couldn’t put it down.’



Tonbridge, Kent

‘An amazing, real look at what life was like growing up as a teen in the 60s. Reading this book, based on true events (which literally feature my dad and my uncle!) Is a read I thoroughly enjoyed, not only an exciting, girly read and an absolute page turner for all but also a wonderful insight to young girls out there. I highly recommend ?????
I have linked Pamela’s website below if you would like to learn more about the novel and her story, also if you wish to purchase a copy of your own. ?????’