Pamela Ann Sun

Author of ‘Big Dreams’ and now ‘How to Survive Cancer and Live a Good Life’.

About Pamela

Pamela’s debut novel, ‘Big dreams’, sold well in England, USA and Australia. She received much ‘praise’ for the book that was based on true events in her life from 1965-1966 in the fabulous 60s in England.

Many readers asked when would the sequel to ‘Big dreams’ be due for release. Sadly, soon after the sequel was commenced, Pamela was shocked to find she had breast cancer!

In between chemo treatments, she tried to find the spirit to write the novel but realized it had to be put aside for a while.

Wanting to help others through this shocking and life threatening ordeal, the ideas for her new e-book, ‘How to Survive Cancer and Live a Good Life, My Journey from Breast Cancer to Remission in 7 Months’ began to bubble to the surface. It is now available on Amazon and other outlets.

If you have cancer or know someone who does, then recommend this inspiring yet practical e-book to learn how to nurture yourself and survive.

Growing up in Kent, England, she has fabulous memories of the music and the fashion of the 1960s. Many Saturday nights were enjoyed with her best friend, at the pub in Sevenoaks, watching bands like the Kinks and the Hollies!  

After marrying young and having two daughters, the family immigrated to Australia. The new life soon encouraged a passion for natural healing, spirituality and meditation.

Later, divorce brought many hard lessons but meditation, as well as books and courses on ‘self help’, allowed her to ‘grow’ to be a more balanced and confident person. New study brought more understanding of the Human psyche and she wrote and facilitated a very successful Relationship seminar for women. With further study, she became a Hypnotherapist and a Health Counsellor.

The novel, ‘Big Dreams’ is inspired by true events in the English summer of 1965 to the summer of 1966. Illustrating, no matter what your dreams and plans are, a lot can happen in the space of one year!

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