Pamela Sun

Author ‘Big Dreams’

Pamela Ann Sun is an author of women’s fiction. Her debut novel, ‘Big Dreams’ has now been published.

Growing up in Kent, England, she has fabulous memories of the music and the fashion of the 1960s. Many Saturday nights were enjoyed with her best friend, at the pub in Sevenoaks, watching bands like the Kinks and the Hollies!  

After marrying young and having two daughters, the family immigrated to Australia. The new life soon encouraged a passion for natural healing, spirituality and meditation.

Later, divorce brought many hard lessons but meditation, as well as books and courses on ‘self help’, allowed her to ‘grow’ to be a more balanced and confident person. New study brought more understanding of the Human psyche and she wrote and facilitated a very successful Relationship seminar for women. With further study, she became a Hypnotherapist and a Health Counsellor.

The novel, ‘Big Dreams’ is inspired by true events in the English summer of 1965 to the summer of 1966. Illustrating, no matter what your dreams and plans are, a lot can happen in the space of one year!

“Being a teenager at this time was truly amazing. We adored the fashion and loved all the bands! There were The Beatles with ‘Ticket to Ride’, The Rolling Stones with ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction ’, The Supremes with ‘Stop In the Name of Love ‘, The Ronettes with ‘Walking In The Rain’, Bob Dylan with ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ and Sonny and Cher with ‘I Got You Babe’.  We loved The Yardbirds’, Dusty Springfield and The Who and so many others. We saw as many of the bands as possible. They were all new to the music scene and to our ears.

The BBC only played ‘pop’ music as little as 4% of their daily content! This brought about someone having the stunning idea of buying a ship and putting ten DJ’s on it and playing music 24 hours a day two miles out to sea and out of British jurisdiction. The ship was called; ‘Radio Caroline’ and we listened to non-stop music day and night on our transistor radios! Until the British Government closed it down! There was an outcry and people all over England protested but eventually they managed to close it down.

My home life was devoid of love and full of fear. My friend’s, the fashion and the music were my only escape. We planned to move to Paris but life had other plans in store for us! ”

If you love `60’s music then there is a film about ‘Radio Caroline’ called, ‘The Boat that Rocked’. Shocking and funny but close to the truth and with fabulous music throughout.

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