About the Book – Big Dreams

by Australian Women’s Fiction Writer Pamela Ann Sun

‘Big Dreams’ is a book especially for women. Women who are baby boomers or young women who are intrigued by this fabulous time. It is set in 1965 in Kent, England.

Big Dreams’ is inspired by true events. Set in England in the summer of 65 to the summer of 66, it illustrates how much can change in a year!

Lily Davis is shy and anxious. Her best friend, Jo Price, is brimming with confidence and fearless. Tom Bennett is the boy that Jo is secretly mad about but he’s fallen hopelessly in love with Lily.

The friends dream of moving to Paris as soon as they finish school and live an amazing life. Only one year before they can leave and be as far away from their parents and dreary England as they can easily get.

Lily dearly loves Jo and avoids Tom, wanting nothing to harm their friendship or their plans. One Saturday after seeing The Kinks at the pub, Jo is with Tom’s brother and Lily finds herself alone with Tom. That night, everything changes forever!

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Indie Reader review

‘Pamela Ann Sun’s greatest success in BIG DREAMS is her construction of the emotionally complex Lily, whose life at home strongly influences her actions. Female readers of this novel, whether they grew up in the 1960s or are just coming of age today, can instantly relate to Lily’s dreams to be someone, to go places, to experience life without being tied down by a family or societal expectations. ‘

‘Another win for BIG DREAMS is its boisterous setting. For those who grew up in the ‘60s, especially in England, BIG DREAMS will surely be a blast from the past. Sun retains the integrity of the time period with references to then up-and-coming bands like the Kinks and popular TV shows like Dr. Who. Her characters’ speech patterns are authentic; the book’s diction is spot on, with just enough Englishness to sound real. Vivid imagery and countless details build up each scene and setting, right down to the clothing Lily wears—and the way it changes as Lily herself transforms throughout the book. Chapter by chapter, Sun builds us up for an intense conclusion in which something that seemed so ordinary turns out to be the biggest dream of all.’ ~Christina Doka for IndieReader


This book is a must for every woman who enjoyed this era and for women who would love to get a peak at this fabulous time!


Big Dreams is written by Australian Women’s Fiction Writer Pamela Ann Sun
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