Life truly was a blast in the 60’s!

we experienced a sexual revolution, fabulous music, outrageous fashion and lots of fun! In ‘Big Dreams’ Lily Davis has a childhood filled with fear and dread, her parents are not social and she’s not allowed to have friends in the house. When she passes the Eleven Plus exam and goes to The Tonbridge Technical school for girls, everything changes! She meets and becomes best friends with Jo Price. Jo is the exact opposite to Lily. She’s independent, fearless and has a wicked sense of humour.

After much pleading to her parents for many weeks, Lily is allowed to go and stay overnight at Jo’s house. her life changes overnight! They go to see live bands at Bligh’s Hotel in Sevenoaks. the Kinks, Davy Jones, The Hollies and many more. Lily is so excited. she’s been working at a fruit shop on Saturday morning in her village and now goes and buys mini-skirts and shift dresses at Martin’s in Maidstone to wear on their night’s out. they meet up with the two Dave’s one night and are invited to take a spin on the back of their Triumph motorbikes down to Hastings beach at midnight! Jo says ‘ yes’ right away and Lily is fearful thy’ll get into trouble when they get back to Jo’s house. Jo just laughs and says that they won’t care!

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