If your heart is breaking, the only thing to do is to stop looking ‘out’ at the person who is breaking it.

Look inside of yourself and find the answers.

Do you really want to hold on to this person?

Are you frightened of being alone?

Take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable propped up on pillows on the bed.

Concentrate on your breathing and count backwards from 21-1. In your mind’s eye, see yourself walking slowly down white, circular steps, arriving at a safe and beautiful place.

This can be anything or anywhere that you choose.

Breathing slowly, let your eyes (still closed) look downwards, towards your heart.

This will take the energy out of your head (thoughts) and into your heart chakra, (love).

You will begin to feel peaceful. Ask yourself why are you holding on to this person if they are not treating you with love and respect?

See them as they really are. Are they untrustworthy?

Or perhaps a flirt?

Maybe an opportunist?

Can you see if they are like your father or mother?

Stay calm, look at them dispassionately. Is this genuinely the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Could there be someone better?

If you close the door on this person, can you see in your mind’s eye another door opening? What colour is the new door? Is it large or small? In time, Someone will walk through that door.

If you feel you still want to be with the person who is hurting you then look at it a different way.

Do you want to force them to stay with you against their will? To be what you want them to be? Or can you be brave enough to know it’s time to set them free? Are they acting as though they are free but still want to keep you around?

Find the strength and the dignity in your heart to ask them to go. See them walk through the first door and firmly close it behind them.

Feel the love that is now expanding in your heart and give it to yourself. Count from 1-14 and open your eyes.

Do this every day. Nurture yourself as if you are still a small child that needs love, support and encouragement.

Read books for fun and for learning about yourself. Distract yourself from the pain by taking yourself for walks along the beach, joining a dance class or listening to your favourite songs.

Learn to love yourself. Listen to ‘The greatest Love of All’ by Whitney Houston.

Love and light, Pamela Ann Sun

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