A story of love, dreams and betrayal, great `60’s bands, fabulous fashion and the sexual revolution.


‘Big Dreams’ is set in the 1960’s in England and inspired by true events.

Lily Davis is shy and anxious. Her best friend, Jo Price, is brimming with confidence and fearless. Tom Bennett is the boy that Jo is secretly mad about but he’s fallen hopelessly in love with Lily.

The friends dream of moving to Paris as soon as they finish school and live an amazing life. Only one year before they can leave and be as far away from their parents and dreary England as they can easily get.

Lily dearly loves Jo and avoids Tom, wanting nothing to harm their friendship or their plans. One Saturday after seeing The Kinks at the pub, Jo is with Tom’s brother and Lily finds herself alone with Tom. That night, everything changes forever!

Big Dreams by Pamela Ann Sun - Australian Fiction Writer & Author

Immerse yourself in The Rolling Stones, mini-skirts and dreams of Paris.  Buy the book.

Australian Women Ficton Writer - Pamela Ann Sun - Big Dreams

Wonderful book! An incredible story of life-being young and fancy free during the 1960’s; laughter, friendship, pent up feelings, love, romance, betrayal and sadness. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of deep emotions. Memorable characters with personal stories with exploring. Couldn’t put it down.

Julie Postance,

Author if Breaking the Sound Barrier

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