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Wonderful book! An incredible story of life—being young and fancy free during the 1960’s; laughter, friendship, pent up feelings, love, romance, betrayal and sadness. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of deep emotions. Memorable characters with personal stories worth exploring. Couldn’t put it down.

Julie Postance, Author of ‘Breaking the Sound Barrier’


If you love all that was associated with the 60’s – massive cultural shifts on music, fashion and women’s rights, then you’ll love ‘Big Dreams’! After reading the book I wish I could have been there. Fabulous!

Ursula Thompson, Melbourne


I started to read ‘Big Dreams’ and I was so hooked on it that I couldn’t put it down. It normally takes me weeks to read a book.

Kath Bateup, Tonbridge


I enjoyed reading my wife’s book, ‘Big Dreams’! It brought back so many memories of Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Folkestone from my youth. OK, a girly story but wonderfully written. Liked the ‘shades’ bit!

Tony Carey, Northants


A compelling read. Truthful, absorbing and a heartfelt story. A teenager dreaming of a life of adventure she had all planned out. Loving the music and the fashion pulsating all around her. Freedom and the big world beckoned. What a time to be alive…the 60s. Suddenly everything changed! Did the music stop playing? Oops!

Sylvia Payton, Manly

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