All the wonderful reviews for my novel, ‘Big Dreams’ have been amazing! Thank you to everyone who has either reviewed on FaceBook or taken the time to post a review on my website or Amazon. I have been told you need fifty, yes that’s right, 50 reviews on Amazon before they take my book seriously and start putting it in a better position so more people see it! If there is anyone who has been thinking about posting but hasn’t done it yet, I would really appreciate it if you could get it out there. I know it’s not so easy with Amazon and you may feel shy but I would love your help and everyone recognizes a genuine, heart felt response. If you come from the heart, people feel it in their heart.

This is the thing with self-publishing as opposed to being published by a publishing house, no matter how good your story is; it’s totally up to us to tell people about it. Sink or swim!

I have been fortunate to have had a terrific interview by Caroline Perryman on ABC radio, (with a fab intro by Scott Levi!), have done book signings and met wonderful people who love to talk about the bands and the 60’s, taken my novel to many excellent book shops in Sydney and Melbourne. Waterstones in the UK also have it listed and some of their shops in Kent are getting it in!

In NSW the book is currently stocked in Book Face in Erina Fair, Erina, Book Bazaar in Umina, Gnostic Forest in Woy Woy.  

In Victoria it is stocked in Readings, Carlton and hopefully other book shops that I will visit on my next trip to Melbourne in July!

My heartfelt thanks again to everyone who has enjoyed the book! My dream is for it to be made into a very colourful film, with all the fun of the 60’s music, the fabulous fashion and the antics of the two friends. Another ‘Boat that Rocked’ perhaps?!! 


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